My name is Bernadette Love.  I founded Inspiring Creations in 1998 out of a real need.  I really needed
business cards for the janitorial service that I owned and I couldn't find what I wanted.  I wanted
cards that showed potential customers that my janitorial service was a cut above the rest.  I wanted
them to be special and remembered, not the kind of cards that people get and stick in a pocket and
forget or use them as notepads.  After playing around with different ideas, I finally came up with my
dream cards.  Whenever I handed them out, I got the reaction that I was
looking for.  Soon, people were asking me to create the same type of cards for them.

Before long, I was asked to design a souvenir book for a church's 100th anniversary, I was hired to
typeset a book and design the cover, then I was asked to create a magazine for women.  Before long
I had to concentrate my attentions on the desktop publishing business full time.  I didn't mind
because this was my heart's desire anyway.  I had studied graphic design at Lamar University in
Beaumont, Texas; and I was getting a chance to put all of that tuition money to good use.

I moved to Hawaii and lived on the Marine base.  One day my sister asked me about a special gift for
her husband who was being promoted.  She wanted something unique, something that hadn't been
done before.  Thus, the birth of the military plaques.  The idea caught on and I was asked to make
plaques for retirements, promotions and some "just because."

I soon began to experiment with other designs such as memorial, graduation, Greek and wedding
plaques.  Other areas of my expertise are: web design, book cover design, logo design, souvenir
books and programs.  Because this is something that I love to do, none of this is work for me.  I look
forward to sharing this gift of creativity that God has given me with you.  

On a personal note, I am the proud mother of Andrea and Brandon and the super proud grandmother
of Lauryn, Jayden, Alexander,Andrew, Ashton and Ava.  I am blessed to be the founder of The Word
for Women Network, a ministry for the women of God.  You can visit The Word for Women Network
at  God has been good to me and I look forward to sharing  these
blessings with you!

Your sister in Christ   

Bernadette Love
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About the Founder....
Charm is deceptive, and
beauty is fleeting; but a
woman who fears the Lord is
to be praised.
Proverbs 31:30 NIV
About the Founder....